CPR Resources

PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept online CPR certification. Please be sure to take a certification class that includes CPR and First Aid, and covers pediatric CPR (infants/children).



Dallas / Fort Worth


  • Find a class near you through the American Heart Association
  • Caring People Respond: Call Scott for schedule and pricing, (281)-855-2393
  • CPR PRO: (713) 410-4673, morning and evening classes in Houston

San Antonio

  • Hope CPR: (855) 949-4673, classes in San Antonio
  • Jumpstart CPR: (210) 264-5517, mention MBF for discounted price
  • The Training Center: (210) 430-1119, mention MBF for discounted price
  • CPR First: (210) 698-5171

Note: If you are not currently living in the Vail Valley, we HIGHLY recommend getting CPR prior to moving, as CPR classes are very limited.
*You are approved to do a blended learning class (half online, half in person) at these locations.